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Basic steps to secure emergency shelter:
  1. Get a referral from the Department of Human Services (call 311 or go to nearest hospital, police, or fire station).
  2. A DHS representative will take them from the hospital/police station to an available shelter. It is not guaranteed that they will stay in their desired neighborhood.
NEAREST HOSPITAL: Weiss Memorial - 4646 N. Marine Drive

When you call the shelter always ask the following as all information is subject to change:
  • Are there available beds/spaces in the shelter?
  • What is your address?
  • Would you accept a LIFT referral (or is a DHS referral required?)
  • What are the eligibility requirements?
  • What should the client bring?

Inner Voice
Phone: (312) 666-8110

Not a shelter. Intervoice is an agency that helps the homeless population of Chicago. They will help you find shelters throughout Chicago and if there is some income available they will help you find transitional housing. This is not a shelter, they are an agency that refers out to shelters.

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Housing Opportunities for Women (HOW)
Administrative Offices
1607 West Howard Street,
Second Floor Chicago, Illinois 60626

Telephone: (773) 465-5770
Fax: (773) 465-5771

Before Applying Read the HOW Housing Eligibility Carefully.

The goal of HOW Subsidized Housing is to help homeless women and children exit the homeless shelter system as quickly as possible by providing rental subsidies to secure permanent housing. Women and their families are identified from transitional programs and selected after thorough screening and assessment. HOW provides housing through a combination of scattered-site apartments and a building-based approach. HOW works with landlords; secures additional housing subsidies, locates and leases new units, transitions women into housing, provides property management services to existing units, and initiates new project development.

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----------------------------------------North Side-----------------------------------------
Naomi Center Shelter for Single Women
Cornerstone Community Outreach
4628 North Clifton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60640
Phone: (773) 506-6396
Fax: (773) 303-0116

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Single women
  • No sex offenders
Unit Description:

Waitlist/Units Available:

How to Apply:
  • Need referral from DHS
  • Call ahead if to see if there is room
  • Just drop off forms when open
  • No hours for intake, just drop in forms
  • Always someone on staff
  • Meals
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric services

(Date Updated: 7/25/12)

Lake County Samaritan House
Catholic Charities
671 S. Lewis
Waukegan, IL 60085

Phone: (847) 782-4142 (ask for shelter worker)
Contact: Teresa J. Denny

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Women with children (boys up to 10, girls up to 12)
Unit Description:
  • 90 day transitional program for homeless women and dependent children
Waitlist/Units Available:

How to Apply:
  • Phone Assessment, Interview, 2nd Interview
  • Residents are provided with basic needs, individual and group counseling, parenting education, housing placement assistance and intensive case management services.
(Date Updated: 8/1/12)

Lincoln Park Community Shelter
600 West Fullerton parkway
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 549-6111
Fax: (773) 549-1767

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Adults only, 18 and up
  • Both men and women
  • Need to be "on track": making progress on your goals (addictions recovery/physical and mental health recovery/employment)
Unit Description:
  • Once admitted, there is no time limit to length of stay, as long as a person is making progress toward goals.
Waitlist/Units Available: 5-6 week wait, always open

How to Apply:
  • Call Monday at 9am to be added to the waitlist
  • An intake meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday morning. You meet with a case manager. Bring an ID
  • Call every Friday morning to remain on the waitlist, between 12-2pm
  • Have case management for every guest who stays
  • Provides year-round housing, two meals per day, storage space, showers, and laundry facilities for guests
(Date Updated: 7/1/12)

    Sarah's Circle
    4750 N Sheridan Road, Suite 220
    Chicago, IL 60640
    Program: (773) 728-1991 Front desk (UPDATED 7-31-2012)
    Fax: (773) 728-0992
    Housing: Dana Bates (773) 712-3917 CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION

    Women's interim housing program offering services for as long as women are willing to attend various groups sessions (women have been there from 1 month to 3 years)

    Hours of Operation:
    Daytime Program
    • Monday and Thursday: 10am to 5pm
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am to 5pm
    • Single women
    • Need to be 18+
    Intake Procedure:
    Daytime Program
    • No referral needed
    • Walk ins welcome
    • Case management and housing: NEED TO ARRIVE EARLY
    Case Management
    • must sign up for an intake appointment
    • the appropriate case manager will be assigned to you
    Daytime Program
    • Case management
    • Housing
    • Workshops
    • Showers
    • Clothing: must perform chores or participate in group activities for clothing
    • Meals: Lunch at 11:30 M,W,F, Dinner at 4pm M-F
    • Computer (30 min.)
    • Therapy, including group therapy,and art therapy
    • Yoga classes
    • Phone
    • Laundry: must sign up 1 week ahead of time. Laundry is at 12:15pm. To sign up for the lottery, come before noon; lottery is at 12:15
    Waitlist open-can be 2 weeks to 2 months

    The Salvation Army Emergency Lodge Shelter
    800 W. Lawrence
    Chicago IL 60640
    Phone: (773) 275-9383 (UPDATED 7-25-12)

    120 day interim housing program helping families transition off the streets.

    Hours of Operation:
    • M-F: Breakfast:7-8:00am
    • Sat-Sun: Breakfast: 7:30-8:30am
    • Daily: Lunch:11:30-12:30pm/ Dinner: Daily:5:-6 pm.
    • Women with children
    • Married couple (man and women) if they have a marriage license
    Intake Procedure:
    • Call ahead if beds are available
    • NO WALK INS!
    • Explain your size family/how many beds you need
    • DHS referral is preferred, but not required
    • Meals provided to people staying at the shelter
    • Snacks
    • Case management
    • For people who have an income, they instill a saving program

    ----------------------------------------West Side-----------------------------------------

    Breakthrough Urban Ministries
    Breakthrough Joshua Center
    East Garfield Park
    402 N. St. Louis Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60624
    Phone: (773) 722-0179 (UPDATED 2-28-11)
    Fax: (773) 346-1728
    Contact: Martin Coffer (extension 214)

    Hours of Operation:
    • Office open 9-11am and 1-2pm
    • Closes at 5pm
    • Single females adults only
    • No children
    • No DHS require / does not make a difference
    Referral Process:
    • Call number listed (773) 346-1785 and ask to have interview with Martin Coffer
      • He handles all the intake
      • Should take about a week to receive an appointment for intake
    • You will then receive an interview with Martin Coffer
    • Lunch (Monday through Friday)
    • Laundry
    • Closet full of donated clothes (can take clothes 1 time per month)
    • Case management

    Humboldt Park Social Services
    Interim Housing for Single Women
    2122 N. Mozart St
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Phone: (773) 342-1091

    Capacity: 22 bed, 120 day housing for women and families

    Services: Shelter, Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen, Employment Services, Health Outreach, Case Management, Financial Counseling and more.

    La Posada / Casa Central

    3209 W. Evergreen St.
    Chicago, IL 60651
    Phone: (773) 782-8820
    Contact:Millie Hernandez, 782-8820
    Eligibility:21+ single with children or married with children under the age of 17. Must be a legal marriage.Preferencegiving to working families
    Referral Process:Referral from social service agency or emergency shelter which will give documentation of homelessness. They must go to the shelter to fill out the application in order to be placed on the waiting list.
    Services Offered:120 day program; families stay in fully furnished apartments and participate in supportive servicesfromcounseling, referral to alcohol/drug rehabilitation, nutrition education, domestic violence intervention, financial management, food, clothing, transportation, relocation assistance, and public assistance advocacy

    Waitlist is OPEN with a wait of 6-8 weeks (Updated on 7/2/12)

    Primo Center for Women and Children 4241 W Washington Boulevard Chicago, IL 60624

    120 day interim housing program with 22 beds aiding single women with chilrden.
    Eligibility: Single women with children
    Services: Holistic case management system aiding houisng, employment, medical and many other needs. Additional services include on-site day care, computer lab, and a clinical team for crisis intervention.
    Currently full Updated 8/8/12
    San Jose Obrero Mission
    2408 S Albany
    Contact: 773-801-1325

    • Provides housing for single women and women with children
      • Children: Female-any age Male-under 12

    • Currently NO WAITLIST, but recommended to call ahead for availability.

    Must leave mission from 10:00 AM-12 PM, and 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

    Eligibility:Will accept anyone, they help people get on their feet and will refer them to other organizations to assist them with their specific needs.
    Referral: Agency referral required (letter documenting homelessness on LIFT letterhead acceptable). In person intake, ID and Social Security Card are needed- come into the office from 9am-3pm M-Fr.
    Provides: 4 month program. A comfortable, clean, and safe living environment, three healthy meals a day, hot showers, and dormitory style sleeping, personal assigned locker space, Case Management Services, Daily Living Skills classes, after-care and follow-up services, services in both Spanish and English, referrals to other services including job placement, employment training, free hair cuts, medical and dental, mental health, substance abuse treatment, legal help, and housing assistance/placement in San Jose Obrero's low income housing.

    (Updated 8/1/12)

    ----------------------------------------South Side-----------------------------------------

    Lena Washington Food and Shelter
    1609 S Homan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60623
    Phone: (773) 522-3320

    Fax: (773) 522-3515

    Capacity: 70 Women and Children
    Services: Provides shelter services to homeless women with children and intact families. 120-day program.
    • We provide case management which assesses our clients' needs and refer them to the appropriate services (i.e. job assessment/placement, substance abuse counseling, treatment, domestic violence counseling, transitional and permanent housing placement).
    • During their stay, we work with out clients to help them achieve their goals to become self sufficient and end the cycle of homelessness
    Amani House
    11740 S Lowe
    Chicago, IL 60628
    Phone: (773) 874-8345
    Eligibility:HUD homeless +Women and/or Children (Son must be under 18)
    Referral Process: DHS Referral Required- Therefore there is no waitlist
    Services Offered:120 days maximum length stay.Housing, Employment program, savings program, counseling, family services,nutrition, child care. After client's stay, they may be placed in government assisted housing.

    (Updated on 6/20/12)

    Clara's House
    1650 W 62nd Street
    Chicago, IL 60636
    Phone: (773) 778-8861

    Janice Boykin 773-778-8854
    Eligibility:Single women and their children (Women: under 17, Males under 16)
    Referral Process:Social service agency referral required. After this, there will be a phone interview and an in-person interview.
    Services Offered:120 day maximum stay. Provides meals and housing help to all women staying at the shelter.

    No Waitlist-(Updated on 7/31/12)

    Maria’s Shelter
    7320 S Yale
    773-994-5350 (Updated 7/30/12)

    Eligibility: Single Women & Women with Children (Girls: Under 17 Boys under 10)
    Referral Process:DHS Referral Required
    120 day interim housing program.
    Services: Aside from food and shelter, women receive medical and psychological assessment and treatment, counseling, domestic violence awareness training, financial management, housing referrals, employment referrals, and life skills training.
    Additional Info:Their children can attend the Maria Garden Head Start Program and local public

    Open Door Ministries (Olive Branch)
    6310 S. Claremont Ave
    Chicago, IL 60636
    Phone: (773) 476-6200 (UPDATED 7-30-12)

    Hours of Operation:
    • Office is open from 9am to 5pm
    • Shelter is open 24/7, 7 days a week (someone always on staff)
    • Single male and female (NO DHS required)
    • Women with children (DHS required)
    Referral Process:
    • Have to show up to the actual place and wait in line
    • Men: doors open at 5pm, curfew at 11:00 PM, morning departure time: 6:00 AM
    • Women: doors open at 4:15pm, curfew at 8:30 PM, and morning departure time-7:30 AM
    • Meal once the men are admitted (breakfast and dinner)
    • Case management
    • Showers
    • Clothing
    • Medical / Dental

    Excellent Way
    2510 East 79th Street
    Chicago, IL 60649
    Phone: (773) 375-1500
    Janet Mckinnney
    Eligibility: Only Women with Children (Boys up to the age of 12)
    Referral Process:DHS Referral Required. Must come on site for intake with case manager.
    Services Provided:120 days maximum length stay.Supportive services on-site,permanenthousing placement, job readiness, and case management.

    No Waitlist- (Updated on 2/13/12)

    Pacific Garden Mission/Gospel League
    1458 S. Canal St
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Phone: (312) 492-9410 (UPDATED 7-31-12)
    Pacific Garden Mission is a Christian rescue center running a one year program in which participants attend bible classes and help with chores, and in turn are given a place to stay and three meals a day. Those interested in the program must commit to a minimum 60 day stay after which point they can stay for as much as the one year program as they would like.

    Hours of Operation:
    • Shelter is open 24/7, 7 days a week (someone always on staff)
    • Need to be in the shelter by 8pm for curfew (shelter is open all day)
    • Single male and female (separated)
    • Women with children (male: under 7,
    • NO DHS referral required
    • Ex-convicts are welcome
    • Call ahead to see if beds are available (mentioned that beds are usually available)
    Referral Process:
    • Show up at any time
    • After showing up, they tell you the regulations / rules of the shelter
    • Need to be first-timers to the shelter
    • Meal once the men are admitted (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    • Case management
    • Showers / Shaving
    • Clothing
    • Medical / Dental
    • Bible program (during the day)

    Roseland Christian Ministries
    10858 S. Michigan Ave
    Chicago IL 60628
    Phone: (773) 264-5665
    Fax: (773) 264-9442
    Eligibility: Single women with children. DHS referral required.
    Capacity: 75 Women and Children
    Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Clients must be in shelter by 7:30 p.m. every night. Call ahead to see if there is vacancy.
    • Drop-in Center, Soup kitchen, food pantry, & thrift store
    DROP-IN Center
    Open every evening until 9:00pm (10:00pm on Friday)
    Men & women welcome, provides games, TV, special programs, etc

    Provides: Hot meals everyday, all year long.
    B: 7:00-8:00am, L: 12:00-1:00pm, D: 5:00-6:00pm

    Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm
    Provides: Monthly food distribution, emergency food anytime, and a tremendous Thanksgiving and Christmas food basket give away.

    Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm
    Thrift Store "33 East"-Clothes, Furniture, Appliances, etc.
    Pick ups can be arranged

    Also See Domestic Violence Shelters.

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