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----------------------------------------North Side-----------------------------------------

The ARK-Sarnoff Levin Residence
6450 N. California
Chicago, IL 60645

Phone: (773) 973-1000 ext. 281
Fax: (773) 973-4362
Eligibility: Self-sufficient Jewish community members; 18+; Children permitted with Parents; must be drug and alcohol free, nonviolent, and no criminal record.
Referral Process:Call the number to get information and application.
Services Offered: 120 day program, Kosher food, apartment like setting; Accessible; supportive services through The ARK agency.
(Updated 2-6-12)

Left message 3/16/15

Cressey House / Revive Center for Housing

Permanent housing for those recovering from addiction.

1668 West Ogden Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 997-2222 ext 229
Fax: (312) 997-3160
Eligibility:Must be at lease 1 year clean with documentation, homeless, and have a letter from their case manager.
Referral Process:Referred by IL Department of Corrections or other social service agency (Heartland,SalvationArmy etc). The Cressey house will contact the social service agency to get referrals for their Transitional housing program.
Services Offered:27-apartment transitional housing program for homeless individuals and single parents in recovery.
  • In addition to being chronically homeless and recovering from addiction, about half of Cressey’s residents have been incarcerated, generally for drug-related offenses18 Studios, 8 1-Bedroom, and 2 2-Bedrooms on site.

    6 month-1 year wait list (Updated 6/27/12) -- left message 10/11/12
Left message 03/16/15

Inner Voice Chicago Interim Housing Programs
1700 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 994-5830
Fax: (312) 666-8449
Operates Several Housing Facilities Throughout Chicago
Go to this address and they will set you up with a case worker who will then see if there is available housing. If there is, the program will give housing while helping with finding employment to assist with securing permanent housing.

Eligibility:Homeless single men. Must meet definition of homeless. DHS referral or proof of homelessness required.

-- The Pioneer House: provides housing for 16 homeless men with a goal of securing permanent housing within 120 days. Residents are required to remain drug-free and actively participate in employment /training programs in order to ensure a rapid transition.
The Eddie Beard Homeless Veterans' Housing Program (Vet House) provides transitional housing for honorably discharged veterans. The program works closely with the V.A. Hospital and Inner Voice HVRP to ensure that residents receive on-going medical services, job placement assistance and permanent housing.

-No waitlist. Beds are filled as they open up, day-by-day basis. Call on day that need shelter to see if any availability.

Updated 01/28/13
Left Message 3/16/15

Lincoln Park Interim Housing Community
600 W. Fullerton Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 549-6111
Fax: (773) 549-1767
Eligibility: Single Men
Referral Process:Call on Monday mornings at 9AM to get an appointment. After completing an intake appointment, they will see a case manager. Then the person's name will be placed on the waiting list.S/he will be asked to call each week until there is space available in the program. Once admitted, there is no time limit to length of stay, as long as a person is making progress toward goals and following all rules and requirements.

Services Offered:The Interim Housing Community serves up to 35 guests each night year-round - 24 men and 11 women. In addition to meals and safe living space, the Interim Housing Community provides showers and laundry facilities for guests. The average length of stay is three months, although there is no time limit as long as guests are making progress toward their goals
Waitlist is currently OPEN (Updated 3/25/15)

Updated 3/25/15

St. Leonard's Ministries

Interim housing program for recently released ex-offenders
2100 W Warren Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Contact: Chris Roach-312-738-1414
Eligbility: FORMER OFFENDERS / CORRECTIONS HISTORY (no sex offenders)
Must be on parole and released within the last 6 months-1 year, but exceptions can be made.
Provides: Full case management services, individual and group psychological counseling, life skills programs, substance abuse treatment, housing placement assistance, education and employment services, and a myriad of other services.
Duration of the program is usually 5-6 months, but if resident is reaching his goals, he may stay longer (usually up to 9 months).
Waiting list: Depends on various criteria. Call to ask about client specifically.

Updated 01/28/13
LVM for Chris Roach 3/16/15

St. Andrew's Court
50 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: (312) 226-7620
Contact: David Rosa, Program Director
Referral Process: Call the above number / 2nd stage housing for those who have completed St. Leonard's Shelter Program.
Provides: 42 Units of Permanent Supportive Housing (Single Room Occupancy)
  • Length of stay varies based off of voucher:
    • Ifreferredfrom the Illinois Department of Corrections: 12 month voucher
    • If using a Shelter Plus Care voucher (more info): can be longer than 12 months
    • Rate issubsidized, if on parole and subsidized the would have to pay 30% of income
  • Case management, outdoor area, weight room, community room, private bathrooms, utilities paid for, therapy, life skills,Individual and group counseling, medical and dental referrals, psychological services, employment services, substance abuse services, relapse prevention.
  • Wait list: very volatile-Can be one to several months
(Updated 03/16/15)

Center of Concern - Northwest Chicago and Lake County
1580 N. Northwest Hwy., Suite 310
Park Ridge, IL
Phone:847-823-0453 - Eva

The Center of Concern’s Homeless Transitional Housing program provides scattered site apartments and supportive services to homeless individuals for up to 24 months.The Center leases eight apartments in Des Plaines and provides personal, legal, budgeting, debt reduction, and employment counseling to its clients, who must meet with their social workers once a week. Clients develop a personal goals plan, including saving 15% of their income in a bank account and 15% toward rent, to address the issues that led to their homelessness.
You can fill out the transitional housing inquiry form online or print it out as a pdf:

Wait list: Full

Updated -3/16/15

----------------------------------------West Side-----------------------------------------

A Safe Haven Foundation
2750 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608

Main Phone: (773)-435-8300 Ask to speak to intake

Call number above and ask to speak to intake for immediate intake to get on wait list then have client call back every few days to check on status
Contact: Sherise Nicholas
Referral Process: Will take various types of referrals, including DHS, but will take a LIFT referral on LIFT letterhead. (Recommended to go toGarfieldWork Center at 10 South Kedzie
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 722-3885 for referral but not required)
Eligibility: Poor and homeless men, women, and families (3 children max)- Residents must be 18+
Services: Interim Housing facility has the capacity for 406 beds, 210 men, 69 women, and 127 children. Residents can stay up to 120 days, but if resident is compliant with all policies, it can be extended up to 1 year. Single men and women share same-sex rooms. Families have their own rooms. Our residents have access to clothing, food pantry, health clinic, counseling and case management, employment training (landscaping, food service, clerical work, and housekeeping) and education
WAITLIST CLOSED=(Update 01/28/13)

Updated 3/16/15

Ashunti RMS
4909 W Huron St (male facility); 4944 W Huron St (main office)
Chicago, IL 60644
Eligibility: Single men and women who are seeking aid in learning how to manage with the stresses of life, whether that be recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, or simply getting used to working and living on their own.
Monday-Saturday support group classes/meetings on how to live on own.
Rent $400/month
OR, free for 60 days if referred from Illinois Department of Corrections
Waitlist open

(Updated 01/28/13)
LVM 3/25/15

Jack Clark's Family
2915 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 252-2877
Contact: Anthony - 773-809-2722 for emergency intake.
Eligibility: Men and women who have Substance Abuse Problem/Recovering from. Must be leaving treatment or detox or be 5 days clean
Referral Process: Call the above number for phone intake
Services: Recovery Home / Halfway House. Structured program where clients attend weekly meetings and attempt to succeed in a 12 step program. Minimum 90 day stay with no maximum limit
Fees: $125 weekly or $450 monthly

No Waitlist (Left Message on 3/25/15)

La Posada / Casa Central
1322 N. Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
Phone: (773) 782-8820
Contact: Millie Hernandez, (773) 782-8820
Eligibility: 21+ single (male or female) with children or married with children under the age of 17. Must be a legal marriage.Preference giving to working families
Referral Process: Must be referred from an emergency shelter in order to be placed on the waiting list.
Services Offered: 120 day program; families stay in fully furnished apartments and participate in supportive services including counseling, referral to alcohol/drug rehabilitation, nutrition education, domestic violence intervention, financial management, food, clothing, transportation, relocation assistance, and public assistance advocacy
Currently at capacity; Waitlist OPEN.

Updated 03/25/15

La Casa Norte

Solid Ground Supportive Housing Program
3533 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 276-4900
Fax: (773) 342-4253
Contact: Joe Hanky (Program Director), ext. 223
Eligibility: Homeless male youth, ages 16-21.
Process: Upon contact, an initial interview is set up. A second interview with Joe Hanky (Program Director) follows. This process takes approximately 3 weeks.
Services: A supportive housing facility with the capacity to house 16 homeless male youth at one time for a period of up to two years.

  • Case Management
  • Life Skills Training
  • Mental Health Resources and Support Groups
  • Esperanza Trabajando (Career Readiness & Placement)
  • Mentorship Program
  • Inter-Disciplinary Arts Programming
  • Social Outings and Activities
Waitlist is open. 1-3 months waiting period. (Updated 3/25/15)

Updated 3/25/15

Willis House of Refuge

942 North Waller Ave
Chicago, IL 60651

Phone: 773-417-3997
Contact: Mr. Larry Gaines, Director
Eligibility: Homeless, 21 years or older.

Referral: Call to make sure bed is open and come in for in person intake, ID is needed
Services:To reside at Willis House, there is a fee of $125/week for all services. If you possess a LINK Card and are unemployed, there is a fee of $30/week.
The Willis House of Refuge transitional housing center is a place of safety for those who are in need of refuge from hardships, controlled substance abuse, homelessness or just seeking a life changing experience. Rescue, restore, and reintegrate men back into the community, and empower through community linkage agreements and self help groups.Home-style meals prepared daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), air conditioned rooms, community color TV, on-site washer and dryer, weekly doctor visits, weekly bible study enrichment, weekly NA support system
No Waitlist (Updated on 8/2/11)
Phone disconnected (7/2/12)
Mailbox number is not in service (03/25/15)

Breakthrough Urban Ministries
402 N. St. Louis Ave.
Phone:(773) 346-1785
Contact: Theresa Mchenry, ext. 210
Eligibility:Single Men (22+), no registered sex offenders
Referral:In Person Intake-Come into the office M-Fr 9am-2pm to register for the waitlist.
Services:Breakthrough Urban Ministries Interim Housing Program is designed to provide transitional shelter for up to 120 days while supporting individuals in attaining stability.
Day Program include:Monday-Friday 9am-3pmfood (breakfast and lunch), shelter, shower, laundry (Monday and Friday), internet access/phone use, and clothing closet (on Tuesdays)
(you do not have to be a resident to take part in the day shelter, simply be on the waiting list).
In-depth programs include: daily devotional times, case management/counseling, substance abuse counseling,on-site primary and mental health care, employment training and housing search assistance and placement.
Waitlist is OPEN, 2-4 weeks wait (Updated on 03/25/15)

----------------------------------------South Side-----------------------------------------

2255 E. 75th Street
Chicago, IL 60649
Phone: (773) 721-7088
Fax: (773) 721-7144
Okema Love, Head of Case Management
For Application materials look in the hard copy Housing Folder
Eligibility: Must be homeless or living in a shelter (must have documentation of homelessness for appointment)
Referral:Call to do an initial phone intake, In person appointment wait is 60 days (bring documents to this appointment)
Services Offered:Supportive services, and employment training

  • Provides supportive and housing services to 17 large families (usually with 3 or more children).
  • Program seeks appropriate scattered-site housing for typically hard-to-place larger families and assists them in obtaining / maintaining employment and/or mainstream benefits that will enable their self-sufficiency.
  • Services focus on issues such as; domestic violence, poor parenting skills and other child welfare issues.
Hope Village
  • Project-based, transitional/interim housing facility that houses 20 women in recovery with their children.
  • These women are recovering from substance abuse, domestic violence and other health issues due to poor dietary habits.
  • This facility is designed to maintain and nourish the parent-child bond, deemed critical for successful recovery.
  • Case management and specialized counseling address the myriad issues surrounding health, education and welfare need.
  • 24 bed facility for chronically homeless individuals suffering from PTSD
  • 3-6 month program

No Waitlist- only have waiting period of 60 days for in person appointment
(Updated on 3/25/15)

The L.A.M House-Transitional Home
6739 S. Green
Chicago, IL 60621
Keith Fields: 773-370-5571
Bernadette Fields: 773-616-1108
Fee charged-$125/week
Referral Process:
Waitlist Status:
Left Voicemail 3/25/15

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

St. Leo Residence
7750 S. Emerald
Chicago, IL 60620
Phone: (773) 651-9950
Contact: Cynthia Steen, Property Manager
Eligibility: Serving only homeless, single Veterans.Cannot have dishonorable discharge, must have an income (such as SSI or Veteran's benefits) and documentation of homelessness. (They do offer an option for those without a source of income but space is very limited)
Referral: In Person Intake, with DD Form 214, Birth Certificate, State ID, and Public Benefit Award letter required. Come in person to the security station to receive an application.
Services:Long term transitional residence including 141 individual studio apartments for single individuals, giving preference to homeless veterans.Computer library, community rooms, laundry facilities, and 24-hour desk clerk, as well as on-site supportive services with three case managers and a community liaison assisting residents with adjustment to housing, local community integration and social service needs. Now long term facility- NO MAXIMUM LENGTH STAY. Will be assigned a case manager and they can direct the clients to more resources.
Waitlist is Open; 6months - 1 year, depending on how long current residents decide to stay since no maximum length of stay.
Updated 3/25/15

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